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Walk into a modern office today and one finds computers, printers, its peripherals along with telephones and faxes, copying machines and a load of other office automation equipment. All these require connection by means of wiring and trunking running through floors, walls, partitions and even ceilings; posing an eye sore and a stumbling block.

Trego® Network Floor System provides the ideal solution for efficient and flexible cable management at minimal fuss; using unique and innovative features not seen before in conventional raised floors. It is a system floor that is simple, efficient and practical; catered for modern and intelligent office space.


Product Introduction

Trego® Network Floor System
innovatively designed based on the tripod base principle for maximum 2 - dimensional stability. The TREGO system comprises of triangular steel plate panels fitted into specially moulded plastic pedestal of various heights to suit modern office cable management requirement. With its ability to tolerate variations in sub-floor level, the system is easily and readily installed with minimal fuss for future expansion or relocation. With the lowest pedestal height of 35mm, TREGO also offers the best solution for buildings with floor-ceiling height constraints.


Trego® Network Floor System consists of 2 major components :-
  • High tensile galvanized steel panel.
  • Pedestal made of highly stable and durable Polypropylene (PP) material.


Installation Method



Step 1
Place the pedestal on the screeded sub-floor.

Step 2
Slot the triangle panel into the moulded pedestals triangular modular system.

Step 3
Rectangle or square steel panels are used for trimming perimeter of room.


Features And Benefits

The unique tripod''s 2 dimensional stability means:-
  • No sophisticated measurement of sub floor tolerance level required.
  • No tedious adjustment to individual pedestal.
  • Only an industry standard screed tolerance required. (Similarly to vinyl sheet requirement).

Low pedestal height from 35mm to 85mm means :-
  • No ceiling height constraints especially for existing buildings with low ceiling.
  • Minimize floor to floor height in multi-storey buildings, thus saving substantial structural cost.
  • Optimization of cavity space for cable management.

Ample space available for cables :-
  • Cable path grid varies from 60mm to 510mm in horizontal, vertical or diagonal direction.
  • Ample space available, even with low pedestal heights.

No expensive accessories required.
  • No proprietary and expensive outlet boxes required as normal electrical and telephone sockets can be directly mounted onto “Trego” panels and readily re-located if the need arises.

Fast and easy installation.
  • Fast, straight-forward and simple installation that requires no sophisticated tools, nails, glue or levelling devices; whether it’s for a new or existing retrofit job.

  • Idiot proof accessibility, with no special tools and skills required.Electrical and telephone socket panels are easily inter-changeable for relocation.

  • Easily removed (even with a test pen) and easily re-installed by lay-persons with minimal fuss and interference to routine office activities, thus allowing for flexible cable management lay-out and future expansion or changes.

  • Finished with carpet tiles. Trego floor offers a squeaky free, solid feel.

Areas of Application

Trego Network Floor System is widely used in :-

  • General Office Environment
  • Computer Room
  • I T Center
  • Training Center
  • A V Room
  • Laboratory
  • Exhibition Hall
  • Server Room
  • Multi Media Center


Technical Information
  • Triangle panel concentrated load of 3,000 N &
    surface deflection less than 2mm
  • Triangle panel ultimate load of 10,000 N
  • Pedestal support compression resistance of 30,000 N
  • Galvanised steel panel is resistant to rust
  • Average weight 23Kg/m2


Project Reference


Trego Network Floor System has been successfully completed in many projects including:-

Tenaga Nasional Berhad, Metropolitan Regional Office at Kepong. I.T. Centre
JVC R&D Centre at Shah Alam.
A.V. Room
Maahad Tahriz Administrative Block Building.
Laboratory Room
Maxis Mobile Exhibition Booth at Menara Maxis. Exhibition Hall
Tentera Laut Di Raja Malaysia Administrative Block at Lumut. Server Rooms & Computer Rooms
Akademik Baru INTAN Kampus Wilayah Persekutuan Wilayah Selatan, Kluang, Johor
Multi-Media Centre
Kampus UNITEN at Muadzam Shah, Pahang
I.T. Centre
Markas Pendidikan dan Latihan (MPL), TLDM, Lumut, Perak
AUTOCAB Laboratory
Tentera Laut Di Raja Malaysia (TLDM 3), Lumut, Perak BilikKomputer/Server,
Bilik Kawalan at Fakulti Engineering,
Fakulti Logistik and Kolej Kelasi
Pusat Sumber Pendidikan Negeri Melaka Makmal Komputer /
Bilik Server
Kompleks Pejabat Pentadbiran Daerah Kubang Pasu, Jitra, Kedah
Komputer Room
Southern Finance in MUI Plaza,
Kuala Lumpur
Server Room


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